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Learning During the Pandemic

To support distance learning we have incorporated the following educational applications, platforms and resources into our curriculum;

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The Board of Governors, advised by the COVID-19 Task Force, has determined to open campus as of Tuesday, 16 February. The situation is reviewed and assessed on a regular basis. The Board of Governors is in frequent contact with the Ministry of Health, Zambia National Public Health Institute, local health officials, officials from the CDC and others to ensure that health guidelines are adhered to on campus. The Board regularly communicates updates to parents.  

Our students and staff continue to exercise COVID-19 safety practices such as wearing masks, physical distancing, and frequent cleaning of hands, equipment, and learning spaces. 

COVID-19 Guidelines for Students & Parents


These guidelines are to be adhered to as we transition from Home Based Learning (HBL) to School Based Learning (SBL). Students and parents who are unable to meet these requirements jeopardize their good standing at the school. Failure to adhere to school guidelines will lead to sanctions.

Health and Safety

Every student (except Nursery, Preschool, Reception) on campus should: 

  • wear a mask/face shield plus a mask at all times except for PE classes or when eating or drinking;

  • follow social distancing and refrain from contact; no fist pumps, elbows bumps, high fives etc.

  • follow signage and prescribed health and hygiene procedures ;

  • bring educational supplies as lockers will not be available;

  • bring water bottles (2 minimum) and adequate snacks as the Tuckshop will be closed;

  • follow the differentiated break timetable according to year level and zone allocation;

  • inform their teacher or go directly to the nurse’s room if they feel ill.

Every parent and student should be aware that: 

  • meetings with school personnel will be held through prior appointment.

  • if at home a student experiences fever, cough, headache, sore throat or any other symptoms of COVID-19 they must remain at home until the school nurse gives consent for the student to attend SBL. 

  • if a student does not feel well at school, they should inform their teacher/nurse.

  • a sick bay has been prepared in the Administration block accessed via the Administration car park.

  • extra-curricular activities will be put on hold until further notice.

  • residential field trips will be deferred until deemed safe by health and school authorities.

Drop Off and Pick Up

  • All cars entering school must display the school security pass, except at the Administration gate. 

  • No parent will be allowed to exit the car when on campus except for Nursery and Preschool. 

  • Secondary students walking to or from school require a pre-authorised entry/exit pass.

  • Unless given prior permission, students must leave campus by 14.00 via the assigned car park.

  • Families with children in multiple sections are requested to use the car park allocated to the youngest child.

  • Students should be dropped and picked at the car parks listed below:

Year Level
Assigned Parking
Year 7 - 13
Secondary and Multi Purpose Centre
Year 4 and 5
Reception, Year 1, Year 2
Early Years
Nursery, Preschool, Year 3, Year 6
Multi Purpose Centre


Both SBL and HBL students will follow the published timetable. Details for each year level will be shared with students by class teachers/Secondary Coordinators.

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