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Primary School

The Upper Primary section at ISL begins in Year 3 and ends in Year 6. The maximum class size for these year groups are 26, with double stream entry into all year groups. 


Our classrooms are well resourced and spacious, with an easily accessible playground and football pitch for students to play, practice skills and relax.


Students are confident practitioners of the Primary Years Programme by this time and are ready to begin their own independent investigations and inquiry using their knowledge and experiences from their time with the Early Years Department. We ensure learning is relevant, challenging, engaging and significant for all our Upper Primary learners.

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Shireen Appana,

Primary School Principal

Welcome to the Primary School section of the International School of Lusaka - an excellent place for students from diverse backgrounds to grow educationally, get involved, and have a meaningful primary school experience.



The Upper Primary Curriculum uses a transdisciplinary approach. The central features of the programme include: 

  • Learning that is not confined within the boundaries of traditional subjects, but is supported and enriched by them;

  • Continuous connection and integration of prior and new knowledge;

  • Broadening of knowledge and understanding of the world;

  • Collaborative approach to issues-based learning;

  • Active participatory approach that promotes critical thinking;

  • Looking at schools as learning communities.

Upper Primary students learn to appreciate the modes of thought and communication associated with each  subject. They develop, for example, the understandings of the methodologies associated with thinking like a scientist, a historian or an artist.