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Student Admissions

Student Admissions

We look forward to welcoming your child to ISL. To apply, please read through the Application Process, and navigate to the online admissions portal where you can register and begin the application process.


ISL Scholarships

ISL offers a limited number of scholarships each year for exceptional students. The Scholarship Selection Committee welcomes all external applicants who demonstrate excellence in academics and show the potential to be a positive and contributing member of the ISL community. The scholarship aims to provide access to an excellent academic programme to those families who otherwise may not be able to due to financial reasons.


There are two scholarships available for external candidates; one for students who will enter the two-year Year 10-11 IGCSE programme and the other for students who will enter the two-year Year 12-13 IB Diploma Programme.

Beacon Scholarship

ISL is proud to partner with the prestigious Beacon Scholarship programme for students with strong leadership qualities.


The Beacon Scholarship is a changemaker programme that offers access for financially disadvantaged students to top tier secondary schools in their home country, and undergraduate programmes of study at world class universities in the UK. The programme includes leadership training and development, a strong Mentoring structure, and a goal-setting performance management system. All applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are ‘Changemakers’ i.e.

  • They are already making a difference now; and

  • A capacity to take people with them.



Thank you for your interest in joining the teaching team at the International School of Lusaka. We are seeking experienced teachers who meet the qualifications of our teacher profile and demonstrate a love for the profession.


Parent-Teacher Association

ISL's Parent Teacher Association is an open and welcoming forum for parents, teachers, and staff. The role of the PTA is primarily to make the school a better place for students, teachers and parents alike.  The association supports a wide range of social events throughout the year, from the annual Welcome Braai, monthly Market Days, Camping Nights, and adult Social Evenings.


It is a non-profit initiative; all the money we generate is invested right back into the school, and all participants are volunteers. 


The PTA provides an open platform for any Association members to raise issues they have on their mind. We may not have all the answers, but we are able to steer your good ideas in the right direction, and we’ll try to usher your concerns to the appropriate channels. 


All parents are eligible to join.


International School of Lusaka

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