There are two classes in Year 2. Please see below for our expectations for the year ahead and information about our curriculum.
Reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Numbers, shape and space, data handling, measurement, pattern and function.
Unit of Enquiry
In keeping withn the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), Social Studies and Science will be taught within Units of Inquiry. These Units will run for approximately six weeks and will incorporate as many subjects as appropriate.

The Organising Themes with Central Ideas for Year 2 are:

- Who we are
- Where we are in time and place
- How we express ourselves
- How the world works
- How we organise ourselves
- How we share the planet

Teachers and students will generate questions for inquiry, then activities will be planned to respond to these questions. The classroom becomes a centre for inquiry where students acquire and practise skills and enhance their knowledge.
Physical Education
Students are expected to come with the mandatory PE kit and ISL swimming costume for PE lessons. As the hot season approaches, students are reminded of the importance of bringing adequate water supply and a sun hat to school everyday.
The Arts Curriculum is underlined by developing creativity and aesthetic awareness using the creative process, problem-solving skills and taking an innovative approach to a challenge. Children are exposed to different artists making collage work, still life drawing, painting and textural effects. Skills developed include drawing, painting, sticking and cutting. We have 2 lessons of art per week.
In Music, the class is introduced to traditional and non-traditional notation. We also work on establishing our sensitivity to pitch by using the voice. Musical elements to be explored include dynamics, tone colour, pitch and duration. Some of the classroom activities include listening to music from diverse culture, playing musical instruments (mainly percussion), singing and composing.
Information and Communication Technology
In Year 2, we consolidate our knowledge of mind maps, drawing and word processing. We learn about hardware and software.
The children go to Library once a week to learn library skills and to choose a book of their choice. They are not allowed another book until the previous one is returned.
French and Spanish
In Year 2, children have 1 lesson of Spanish and 1 lesson of French. Young French and Spanish learners also have a chance to refresh prior knowledge such as introductions, colours and numbers before moving on to vocabulary related to classroom and home. We focus on language and how French and Spanish are built on linguistic patterns and then turn to the advantages of learning new languages and how they sometimes help us understand the world and appreciate our own language.
Zambian Studies
Zambian Studies is a new programme in the school which focuses on the social and cultural aspects of the host country Zambia. Learners have the chance to interact in the various Zambian Zambian languages with the focus on Chinyanja.
Students should be reading every evening for about 20 minutes and spend no more than 20 minutes on their homework assignment. Homework will rarely be given on a Friday. Homework may not always be about putting pen on paper. It could be that they are asked to play a game or make one up. It could be dramatic, musical and or creative.