Fee Structure






All invoices are issued in US Dollars, but payable in Zambian Kwacha or in US dollars at the rate of the day of payment. School fees are subject to revision by the Board and may be readjusted quarterly.

1. Discount Policies

  • Full payment of tuition for the year prior to the start of school

  • Full payment of tuition for the semester prior to the start of the semester 

  • Sibling Tuition Fee Discount for the third or more sibling

  • Sibling Capital Levy Fee Discount for each subsequent sibling

  • Covid-19 Discount for QTR1 Tuition Fees






2. Registration Fees

US$200 or the Kwacha equivalent. This fee is NOT REFUNDABLE in any circumstances.

3. Security Deposit 

US$1500. The deposit is to offset any loss in Tuition Fees, breakages of equipment, materials still outstanding at the time of the withdrawal. The full amount will be returned provided one full term or three months' written notice of withdrawal of a child from school is given and all text books and other materials are returned in good condition,

All breakages are charged at replacement cost. Any book losses are normally charged at the time, at the full Forex replacement cost plus a 50% handling and shipping charge. The security deposit is billed at $375 per quarter over a period of 4 quarters.

4. Capital Levy

The Capital Levy fee is US$2,000, which, once paid, is not refundable. It is payable on admittance of each child to ISL. These fees are used for capital development at ISL.

For families enrolling more than one child, a 50% discount on the Capital Levy shall be given on the 2nd and subsequent child(ren).

The Capital Levy is billed at $500 per quarter over a period of 4 quarters.

Any returning student will be accepted with no additional enrolment upon production of evidence of having previously attended ISL and paid the fees.

5. Tuition Fees and Schedule of Payment

The level of the tuition fees shall be established annually by the Board and shall be based upon anticipated income expenditure for the coming financial year.

The tuition fee for each student shall be available to Parents/Guardians on the EdAdmin portal, a minimum of 30 days prior to the beginning of each Quarter. Tuition is payable for a full quarter, unless a Monthly Payment Agreement has been arranged and signed by the parent. (Note that this attracts a 5% levy, which is included in each monthly payment.


If the fees are not paid by the due date (listed above),

  • a 5% penalty will apply;

  • the school will not guarantee a place for your child/(ren) 

For students enrolled after the beginning of the quarter, the following rates will be applied:

  • Attendance of 50% or more of a quarter 

  • Attendance of 25% or less than 50% of a quarter

  • Less than 25% attendance of a quarter

Parents who inform the administration in writing of their intention to withdraw their children during the course of the quarter and do so on or before the first day of quarter, will pay fees in the proportions outlined above (cross-reference above: Security Deposit)

Full quarter fees

50% of fees

33% of fees

6. ISL Bank Account Details

  • USD Account: FNB - 62537375702. Please include valid deposit reference which is ISL followed by student no. (e.g. ISL00000)

  • USD Account: Citibank - 0251164029, Lusaka Branch.

  • ZMW account: FNB - 62537489751. Please include valid deposit reference which is ISL followed by student no.(e.g ISL00000)

  • ZMW account: Citibank - 251164002 Citibank, Lusaka Branch

  • ZMW account: ABSA - 017-1224969 - Manda Hill and Long Acres Branches

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