Teaching & Learning at ISL

Our students begin their education with the IB Primary Years Programme - an inquiry-based curriculum organized around broad, interdisciplinary themes - and end it with the IB Diploma Programme - a challenging university preparation course. Our students and our staff's diversity provides us with a strong foundation for our international education.


Our Teachers

Holistic Education begins with teachers who are academically qualified and passionate about supporting and inspiring their students to develop into respectful, well-informed and open-minded members of society. 

We are intentional about employing teachers from across the globe, who collectively provide our students with unique and diverse learning experiences. All our teachers are IB-trained.


At ISL, we believe that continuous learning is vital both for our students and our teachers. All teaching staff members participate in annual Professional Development Programmes to further develop their professional and interpersonal skills.


Student Support

The Student Support Services department offers two key services: Learning Support and ESOL Support.


Learning Support

Our Learning Support Department serves to support and encourage students facing challenges in their learning by ensuring that each student is given a fair opportunity to reach his / her full potential. The main areas of support target students who face barriers to learning presented by specific learning difficulties, learning gaps due differences in curriculum, developmental delays or an unstable pattern of learning.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

As a truly international school with a number of bilingual students, ISL offers the English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) Support programme at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, in both Primary and Secondary School.

Learning During a Pandemic

To support distance learning we have incorporated the following educational applications, platforms and resources into our curriculum;

We have a team of staff and medical personnel dedicated to ensuring the safety of all on campus. The team's role includes constant communication with the Ministry of Health, ensuring health guidelines are adhered to by all on our campus and updating parents on any changes. Our students and staff continue to exercise COVID-19 safety practices such as wearing masks, physical distancing and frequent cleaning of hands, equipment and learning spaces.

Monthly Virtual Town Hall meetings are held to increase opportunities for communication with parents.


School Schedule